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With our first Quality Day taking place in the city of Bhubaneswar, we expand our program to another fast growing area of India. It was great to welcome local producers to our event on 29th of November including:

Bhushan Power & Steel Ltd., Nalco Aluminium, Bhushan Steel Ltd., Jindal Steel & Power Ltd., Tata Steel Ltd., Jindal Stainless Ltd., Hitachi India, TSPDL and more.

During later discussions about individual quality requirements of the producers, we learned to adapt our Quality Day program more to practical cases. Together with our customers and business partners, we discussed to reduce the presentation time in order to have workshops during the afternoons. We are now working on a concept to use half of the Quality Day for presenting the latest news, technologies and references of the Quality Alliance members and use the time after lunch for practical seminars. We are looking forward to establish a fruitful cooperation already at the very first stage – were production processes and measuring technologies need to be adapted to individual customer requirements.

Our special thanks goes to all the participants for the good and qualified feedbacks of this day.

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