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Together with the German line builder Achenbach as well as directly to the end customers – Mesacon supplied further new thickness gauges for aluminium rolling mills in India. After the initial installation of a new F3500 x-ray thickness gauge from Mesacon at Hindalco Renukoot cold rolling mill, three more systems are ready for commissioning. Aluminium producer Jindal India Ltd. applies a Mesacon F3500 thickness gauge at revamping of their rolling mill together with Achenbach. Furthermore, both lines at Jindal Aluminium sites Kolkata and Bangalore are currently under commissioning state by Achenbach and will be equipped with latest Mesacon F3500 x-ray technology for on-line thickness measurement.

All systems are applied for rolling mill environment including kerosene and rolling emulsion sealed sensors and chemical resistant components inside the mill area. All sensors include an x-ray source with metal ceramic tube, dry and oil free housing and direct water-cooling. Most customers replace their old thickness gauges to reduce the maintenance efforts and to avoid difficult troubleshooting caused by old glass tubes, oil filled x-ray containers or missing spare part availability.

F3500 detectors contain industrially proven ionization chamber technology and are designed for long term use without frequent replacement of wear and tear parts. The measuring signals are directly converted to digital interface inside the detector. The digital EtherCAT interface between the F3500 sensor and electronic cabinet in electronic room terminates any influences by interfering mill equipment like motors or transformers as it appears with analogue communication of old gauges.

We are looking forward to finish our current consulting with other customers and production sites to supply further F3500 x-ray gauges for aluminium mills in India. Today, our customers trust in our high flexibility to integrate new sensors and electronics also to existing mills in order to increase the rolling performance and to reduce the maintenance and handling costs.

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