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High precision thickness measuring gauges based on X-ray, isotope or laser technology are proved to be reliable at forming processes and surface coating of most different strip materials all over the world.

Thickness measurement applicated by Mesacon.

Thickness measurement applicated by MESACON

Our systems are based on field-tested technologies to optimize production processes in hot and cold rolling mills, steel-service centres or coating lines.

MESACON® Messelektronik supplies customized measuring solutions for material from thin-film aluminum foils up to heavy steel sheets.

All MESACON® thickness gauges are extendable with integrated speed, length, flatness or width measurement. The modular setup of our systems grants an easy revamp of old systems from all suppliers or will be applied for customized solutions fitting into your lines.

Our thickness measuring gauges guaranties:

  • high precision
  • flexibility
  • low maintenance
  • sustainable trough modular design
  • multiple interfaces and network telegrams

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Author: Martin Kuss

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