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Over the last years more and more steel service centres equipped especially their cutting and slitting lines with non-contact thickness gauges from MESACON® Messelektronik.

SSC C-Bügel

Thickness Gauge F3500 for SSC

Beside our X-ray and isotope thickness gauges, we supply laser based non-contact thickness measuring systems. We designed a standardized gauge for the special necessities of steel service centres, applied to measure the thickness cross profile on-line and to provide many advantages in terms of production quality and long term data storage.

Our system provides following features:

  • thickness protocols for length and cross profile of coils and daughter coils
  • graduation of coils and daughter-coils into quality classes
  • Measuring system analysis (MSA) supported by software according to ISO / TS norms
  • Full automatically calibration
  • Scanning over the whole width of the strip
  • Industry proved C-frames, robust structural steelwork
  • Intuitive software with long-term data-storage

The advantages of our system enable you to open up new markets and customers from automotive sector by fulfilling the high required tolerances.

If you are looking for an opportunity to improve your process and product quality, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Author: Martin Kuss

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