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After the very successful launch of the XR20 series for foil measurements up to 1 mm, the serial production of the bigger brother XR40 has already started. It enables the measurement of strips up to 15mm aluminium or 1.5mm steel in rolling mills and/or processing lines.

XR40 frei 2


Decades of experiences from MESACON Messelektronik was used in the development of the XR-series to ensure a continuous improvement of most of these products. Main focus of these series is the already well known measuring accuracy, coupled with a very process stability and durability of the X-ray sources for usage in industrial environments and conditions.

The connection of the XR-control is not realized analogue; it is completely digital via EtherCAT. Nearly all electromagnetic influences can be eliminated. The cooling of the X-ray tube, which might cause disturbances in many systems of other manufactures, is realized indirect at the XR40. The heat of the whole X-ray generator is deflected by a heat transfer cooling.

In order to achieve always the best measuring results, the X-ray generator can be recalibrated automatically by an internal sample magazine. The used sample magazine is designed to be reflected all measurable thickness ranges therein.

2015-09-15 14.40.08 frei

XR40 and XR 20 (from left)

Customers and line builder from Germany and all over the world already rely on the XR-series. Convince yourself now by asking for a quotation or visit our site at Dresden for further details.

Author: Eric Jüchtzer

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