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In the first quarter of the year MESACON® commissioned a thickness gauge for hot rolled steel in a pickling line. The X-ray based thickness measuring system supports the customer to satisfy the high requirements of automotive and cold rolling industry.

Dickenmessung mit Breitenmessung für eine Schubbeize

Thickness gauge with integrated width measurement for CPL

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This year’s title of international metallurgy trade fair METEC is – “The Bright World of Metals”. MESACON® Messelektronik GmbH Dresden will participate also in 2015 from 16th to 20th of June. We are specialist for non-contact thickness gauges and a worldwide reliable partner.

Almost 2,000 exhibitors will presenting and focus their technologies on metals and the complex, innovative manufacturing and forming processes.


Visit us in hall 4 booth A19

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MESACON aluminum | non-ferrous brochure

MESACON aluminum | non-ferrous brochure

We proudly present our new brochure for aluminum and non-ferrous metals. MESACON® thickness gauges are applied for hot and cold rolling mills and enables our customers to remain competitive in domestic and international markets. Further details you can find in our download area.

Author: Martin Kuss

High precision thickness measuring gauges based on X-ray, isotope or laser technology are proved to be reliable at forming processes and surface coating of most different strip materials all over the world.

Thickness measurement applicated by Mesacon.

Thickness measurement applicated by MESACON

Our systems are based on field-tested technologies to optimize production processes in hot and cold rolling mills, steel-service centres or coating lines.

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In 2003 EtherCAT® was introduced as an industrial Ethernet technology. In the following, this bus system has evolved to an industry standard. In comparison to Ethernet, EtherCAT® is a real-time bus system that fulfills industrial requirements.Main advantages are the excellent performance, flexible topology and simple handling. Thousands of  slave devices can be integrated into the bus system, while the arrangement in line, tree or star topology is negligible. Read the rest of this entry »