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The Romanian manufacturer of electrical steel ERDEMIR Romania ordered three layer coating thickness gauges to optimize the overall process of their insulation coating process. The system was successfully tested and commissioned. Thickness measuring technology from MESACON® Messelektronik is already installed successfully in a four-high Quarto Mill for more than 10 years.


F2800 Layer Thickness Gauge

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High precision thickness measuring gauges based on X-ray, isotope or laser technology are proved to be reliable at forming processes and surface coating of most different strip materials all over the world.

Thickness measurement applicated by Mesacon.

Thickness measurement applicated by MESACON

Our systems are based on field-tested technologies to optimize production processes in hot and cold rolling mills, steel-service centres or coating lines.

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Since 2011 MESACON have already been commissioned by ESMECH with the delivery different X-Ray thickness gauges for India and Thailand. Two further measurement systems of type F3500 will be delivered to the Vietnamese Hoa Sen Group in February 2014 for an cold rolling mill..

Esmech Doppelmessstelle C-frames 2[webversion]

Double Thickness Gauge F3500

The high precision gauges are based on 90kV X-Ray sources of MESACON and will be installed in entry and exit section of a reversing cold rolling mill. The systems include furthermore an EtherCat interface for digital signal transmission,  protected mechanics, as well as detectors with ionization chamber are integrated.

Further Gauges will be supplied after successful commissioning by the local MESACON service center in Mumbai / India within the next weeks.


In a four week period our Service Engineer Mr. Sunil Jundre, who is in charge for our Indian and South-East Asian commissionings and services, successfully participated in Mesacons intensive training to update his skills and knowledge in handling and maintaining of Mesacon gauges and components including sensors, electronics and software.

Mesacon Service Engineer India - Training accomplished

Mesacon President Mr. Detlef Jaehrling congratulating our Service Engineer Mr. Sunil Jundre


With our local cooperation with Ashling Impex Ptv. Ltd. from Mumbai we are coordinating all implementations, services and commissionings in India and South-East Asia since 2009. Mr. Jundre finished his training with best results and optimized his competence for installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of our measuring systems for thickness and coating thickness based on isotope and x-ray sources.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jundre returned to India – ready for our next projects in hot and cold rolling complex starting shortly.

We wish Mr. Jundre all the best for his future and look forward to have him here with us in our headquarter again for his next update training in 2014.

In 2003 EtherCAT® was introduced as an industrial Ethernet technology. In the following, this bus system has evolved to an industry standard. In comparison to Ethernet, EtherCAT® is a real-time bus system that fulfills industrial requirements.Main advantages are the excellent performance, flexible topology and simple handling. Thousands of  slave devices can be integrated into the bus system, while the arrangement in line, tree or star topology is negligible. Read the rest of this entry »

We are pleased to invite you to our new Twitter account @MESACONIndia where we will post all new Articals from  and all other news in the range of our business and India.

You are welcomed to follow us at @MESACONIndia.

We are glad to annouce a new member in our Indian service team. Engineer Mr. Sunil Jundre has joined Mesacon to support our local commissionings and services. As a specialist comming from an automation provider, he is well versed for PLC, drives, our system communication and software issues.

Service Team India

Mesacon welcomes new service engineer in India

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Mesacon successfully finished the commissioning of an F3500 double channel x-ray system for new Esmech cold rolling mill in Thailand. Esmech from SMS-Group supplied a cold rolling mill for steel to their end customer Starcore including Mesacon thickness gauges in entry and exit section of the mill. The applied F3500 systems are equipped with 90 kV x-ray sources of Mesacon’s own x-ray source production. The gauge components are on the latest technology level including internal high speed EtherCAT communication and IP65 protected C-frames for rolling mill environment.

Within next weeks, a same set of thickness gauges will be commissioned to the next cold rolling mill project of Esmech for end customer BMW in Jamshedpur / India.

F3500 X-ray Thickness Gauge

F3500 X-ray Thickness Gauge

With our first Quality Day taking place in the city of Bhubaneswar, we expand our program to another fast growing area of India. It was great to welcome local producers to our event on 29th of November including:

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Again after 2008 and 2010, Mesacon and its partners from the Quality Alliance invited to the 2012 Quality Day on 27th of November in Mumbai. It was a pleasure to welcome our customers and business partners to The Leela hotel to introduce our latest developments and discuss new quality assurance systems for the fast growing metals industry in India. Mesacon introduced its latest references including systems to measure steel and aluminium in hot and cold rolling and coating applications especially for the very fast growing field of electrical steel lines and aluminium mills.

PhD. P. Kierkegaard presenting flatness measuring systems

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