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The research and development department of MESACON® proudly present our new 20kV X-ray source, applied especially for the requirements of aluminum and foil applications.

Bild Homepage AluMesse 2014

New X-Ray Generator XR-20


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MESACON aluminum | non-ferrous brochure

MESACON aluminum | non-ferrous brochure

We proudly present our new brochure for aluminum and non-ferrous metals. MESACON® thickness gauges are applied for hot and cold rolling mills and enables our customers to remain competitive in domestic and international markets. Further details you can find in our download area.

Author: Martin Kuss

Over the last years more and more steel service centres equipped especially their cutting and slitting lines with non-contact thickness gauges from MESACON® Messelektronik.

SSC C-Bügel

Thickness Gauge F3500 for SSC

Beside our X-ray and isotope thickness gauges, we supply laser based non-contact thickness measuring systems. We designed a standardized gauge for the special necessities of steel service centres, applied to measure the thickness cross profile on-line and to provide many advantages in terms of production quality and long term data storage.

Our system provides following features:

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